Wagner Burritos

* Use on thick or thin flour tortillas!!

First, fry 5 oz. diced frozen onions until some are brown

Brown 1 lb. ground beef with the onions in the frying pan (pour off excess water, if necessary)

When browned, add garlic salt and Laury's Seasoned Pepper, as if you were salting a steak.

Add 1/3 - 1/2 small can chopped green chili's (Old El Paso or Ortega 4.5 oz. can)

Add 1/2 can whole tomatoes (28 oz. can); break up tomatoes in pan

Simmer for a while

Heat flour tortilla in microwave on a plate under loose plastic wrap

Spread a 1/2-inch high pile in a line across the tortilla;
roll it up and enjoy!

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